Rotax EURO Mini Evo Engine (Full Package) FREE BATTERY


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Product Overview

Whats Included? 

1x Brand New Race Prepared Rotax motor WITH FULL Ancilleries kit

1x Rotax Log book 

1x AAM Radiator sticker kit

1x Genuine Rotax Battery (FREE with this package) WORTH £80.00


ALL Engines are race prepared, a Short motor is stripped from NEW, all parts are thoroughly checked and measured with the Highest tollerance equiptment used. the engine is re-assembled methodically to our race tollerance and all engines are built to the highest standard possible. Engines are then Run-In on our Roteg dyno and Power tested. this allows us to tune each engine for its optimum performance on the Dyno

Carburettors are race prepared. stripped to a bare casting and re-assembled with all tollerances checked throughout.

The Castrol XR77 oil is what we recommend to all customers after continuously testing oils this one shows great results and allows longetivity to parts inside the engine

A Dyno sheet is supplied with every engine

ALL Items are the latest stock available, 

Complete Engine: ‘Accessory Box’ included
Available supplied as standard or fiched (Engine Optimised to Full Race specifications).

MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE 9.6 kW / 13 hp at 7.500 rpm
MAXIMUM TORQUE 13 Nm at 6.000 rpm
WEIGHT bare engine: 11,8 kg / 26,0 lbs
  with complete power pack: 21,6 kg / 47,7 lbs
SPECIAL FEATURES Junior cylinder without exhaust valve,
  restricted exhaust socket
ACCESSORY BOX intake silencer, carburettor, fuel pump, engine, exhaust system, radiator, battery box incl. cover, cable harness, OFF/ON/START switch, relay


(No reviews yet) Write a Review