Rotax Service

Official South West Rotax Authorised Service Centre!


Specializing in the Supply and Preperation of rotax engines, over 10 years of Engine tuning in all aspects of motorsport, working for Anderson Racing Engines, A huge amount of knowledge has been gained in the tuning and understanding of engines, with engines sent across europe with huge success and many championships gained, we are able to put this knowledge towards the Rotax engines in able to Supply our customers with the VERY best!


Taking the RCP (Rotax certification program) in 2021 with Steve Ogden, this allowed us to seal the Rotax engines from there on,  we look forward in working with Privateers and Race teams excelling them to the front!


Tuning of these engines would see the most Superior Dyno on the market made by Roteg, with full controllability in able to run-in and power test. Repeatability is a key feature with this dyno, Miniscule changes would see clear results.


New Engines

We can offer New Engines in stock form or Fully fisched race prepared, Being an authorised dealer & Service centre means the engines are built to the best standard possible. 


Rebuilds & Preperation

 With previous engine building in other aspects of motorsport the workshop equiptment is a vital part of building Race winning engines, with that in mind that is exactly what we have done! the highest resolution of measuring equiptment and tooling, the 10 + years of knowledge on the tools, shows that you need to look no further if you are wanting your engine built to perfection