The Roteg dyno, purchased in 2021, arguably the best kart dyno on the market, able to provide accurate repeatability was a key feature we looked for when buying an engine dyno! 


State of the Art features in being able to control the engine from an extensive running in procedure depending on what rotax engine unit we do, from micro to senior specification, the engines get the adequate time and load put into them, saving the time and effort running the engines in on the track, 


Miniscule tuning changes show the results, which is why we can supply the engines to you in there most optimised way!



This can be arranged by individuals or teams, back to back testing our equipment against yours, we can instantly see where you could be losing out on the race track, From engine units, exhausts , carburetors and more.



The Dyno cell was built with intentions of accurate results and the posabilities of 24hr testing, a soundproofed construstion, reducing the noise level on our workshop estate, allows us to run the dyno in any circumstances, the dyno cell is built as an open pressure unit, with the Adequate sized fans to feed and to scavange the cells unwanted air, this forn is to not pressurise the dyno cell keeping the results as reliable and accurate as possible,


The Dyno unit itself is built by Roteg, model KED-5 EVO, runs an electronic throttle application allowing the dyno to do all the running in and power testing on its own accord, the dyno has its own heat exchanger unit, unlike other dynos, this would mean the water temperature set to a consistant temperature throught the period of Power testing use, again keeping the results accurate!!